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The Setting Mate is the ultimate one-person / one-minute set-up windshield setting tool. This amazing windshield setting tool was developed by an Auto Glass Technician to assist in setting all types and sizes of windshields. The design reduces the physical requirement to remove and set windshields and provides setting blocks for precise fits. It works just like placing a windshield into a vertical glass rack.

The Setting Mate can be setup and removed in literally seconds. The entire kit weighs less than 5 pounds and comes in a durable carrying case that measures 12″ X 5″ X 5″ taking up virtually no space in the moble vehicle. The Setting Mate Kit contains 2 glides and 3 setting blocks to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles. Compared with other windshield setting tools that can be bulky, expensive, and time consuming to assemble and setup, The Setting Mate is a simple, affordable and ergonomic solution.

Product Description

How this Windshield Setting Tool Works

Step 1.  As you would put a windshield in a vertical glass rack you start by resting the corner of the windshield onto the glass rack. The Setting Mate windshield setting tool has a patent pending glide system (glide need to mount in the middle of cowl). The glide has a groove in its center. This is beneficial during removal or replacement. The glide handles the entire weight of the windshield and the technician simply pushes/pulls the windshield. Just like the glass rack you place/ rest the corner of the windshield onto the groove and the glide carries the weight and slides the windshield across to center it.

Step 2. The center glide and stop block are attached to the cowl panel by locking long nose pliers, this insures the fastest setup time of any setting tool, which is less than one minute. The patent pending stop block or setting block is placed against the lower windshield edge. Before you remove the old windshield (stop block mount about ¼ from lower windshield opening corner). The stop block not only sets your new windshield at the accurate windshield placement height when installing the windshield it has a notch that is ¾” higher than the pinch weld. After you center the windshield, you rest the lower windshield edge onto the notch of the stop block. Because the notch is ¾” higher than the pinch weld, the urethane bed will not be disturbed. After the edge has rested on the stop block raised windshield and the take off glide, lower the top of the windshield just before the top set on urethane the windshield need to be released off stop block notch. Sometime the windshield releases itself and that is great but if it did not release off notch you need to give the upper windshield a tug to release off the notch of stop block.

Setting Mate Windshield Setting Tool Overview
Simple, Easy, Fast

  • Less than one-minute easy set up time with setup glide, stop block and locking long nose pliers.
  • Place corner of windshield on to glide groove.
  • Slide windshield onto glide and center. *Feature – weight is on the glide and not on you.
  • Rest lower edge of windshield onto stop block notch.
  • Lower top of windshield.
  • Before windshield rests on urethane release off stop block notch.

Setting Mate Windshield Setting Tool Advantages

  • The fastest and easiest windshield setting tool
  • Carries the weight of the windshield
  • No measuring or dry set needed
  • Accurate windshield placement height
  • Does not disturb urethane bed
  • Only 13” long 6” high 5” wide tool kit box. Takes less room than any setting tool in your truck.

Product Comparison

Other Setting Tools Setting Mate
Add weight to windshield with vacuum cup/ hardened steel rod/ bearing housing No additional weight
Require lifting windshield w/added weight overhead to connect to pivot No pivot, no lifting overhead
Installer is required to at least carry half the windshield weight plus additional weight of setting tool Setting Mate carries all of the weight
Installer required to carry windshield awkwardly sometimes head high over the hood With the Setting mate, just set on glide and slide
Time consuming to measuring and set up tool No measuring and less than a minute tool set-up time
Possibility of Vacuum cup releasing off windshield causing vehicle damage Vacuum cups not required
Additional time spent with up to six vacuum cups to set up Vacuum cups not required
Set up time six to ten minutes Less than one minute
To insure an accurate fit, need to dry set which take additional time Windshield is set to old glass height which insures an accurate fit
Big and long taking up a lot of storage room Small and light weight
Need wiper post in center of cowl No wiper post needed
The wiper post requires a nut No wiper post needed
Long tear down time and put away Only 15 seconds tear down
Additional time to change pivot to install opposite side when needed No time wasted easy to install on either side
Other setting tools cost from $599.00 to $1595. Setting Mate at only $269.95



1 review for Setting Mate Windshield Setting Tool

  1. 5 out of 5


    My name is Vick Henrcheid with 39 years experience in auto glass work. When I was introduced to the Setting Mate I was skeptical. It looked too simple, but since the Setting Mate offered a “money back guarantee” I decided to give it a chance. I went from being skeptical to loving it. Now I use it all the time.
    I have looked at other setting tools only to determine the setup time takes too long, it is hard to get an accurate fit and the cost of the tool could not be justified. I thought I would only use a set up tool for 10% of my time when doing mobile work and I wouldn’t need it the other 90% of the day when working in the auto body repair shops as I can always get one of the technicians to help with setting a windshield. I soon discovered it is much quicker to use the Setting Mate because of the fast setup time than it is to ask one of the shop technicians for help. Now I no longer have to interrupt or waste time waiting for anyone to stop what they are doing to help me.
    The Setting Mate is super easy to use and I no longer fight to keep the windshield set at the correct height when the molding tries to push the windshield down (and I did say tries). The Setting Mate design setting block keeps the windshield at the correct height. It is amazing how easy it to use.
    The Setting Mate work great with carrying the weight of the windshield, I should say effortlessly. The less than 1 minute setup time saves me time over not using it. I now use it for all windshields from lightweight to big and heavy. Carrying the weight, accurate windshield height, windshield molding behaves and looks good and the urethane bed is not disturbed. It answers all the requirements I needed in a windshield setting tool. Plus it saves me time. Take it from a guy that been around a windshield once or twice in 39 years I’m no longer skeptical I highly recommend the Setting Mate.

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