Made in the USA

Strong Arm 5 Inventor Mike GlodowskiThe Strong Arm 5 is designed and manufactured by the GloTech Inc. team. GloTech Inc. has been in business since 2000 and is located in the beautiful state of Idaho. GloTech Inc. was started by Mike Glodowski.
Mike Glodowski went to Auto Body and Fender school at the College of Southern Idaho and graduated second in his class. He owned and operated his personal auto body repair facility. During the years of auto body repair Mike was aware of the overwhelming task of drilling out spot welds that left him exhausted and aching.

In the past three years the tool industry came out with a spot weld driller, which is extremely limited and very expensive. Mike has invented a more versatile, safe and economical tool, the “Strong Arm 5”. This amazing portable drill press tool comes in Standard and Heavy Duty.  He also has found that this tool has cross-referenced with countless other industries. This invention makes these jobs safer and faster. Industries has a enormous need for this efficient tool that is not only limited to the problem of drilling out spot welds, but numerous other industries needs will use this tool for a more efficient drilling process.

Mike also owned an Auto Glass Shop in Boise Idaho. He played a leading role in transforming the Auto Glass Industry with the revolutionary design of the Power Advance and Easy Pro cold knives. The leading auto glass tool supplier Equalizer is presently distributing his invention worldwide. Again the tools that Mr.Glodowski invented are helping reduce technician’s injuries, stress and are making it much easier to get the job done safely and efficiently.


For more information on GloTech Inc. or The Strong Arm 5, please contact us at information@strongarm5.com.