The Strong Arm 5 makes drilling safer. Have a look at the video below to learn more:

Safer Drilling with the Strong Arm 5 Hand Held Portable Drill Press

It is always important to wear personal protective equipment for any drilling operation. The Strong Arm 5 is one of the most important safety measures you can have.
The safety benefits of using the Strong Arm 5 are:

First and foremost the Strong Arm 5 provides a 5:1 ratio of force from the hand grip to the drill bit. Meaning for every 1 pound of hand pressure there is 5 pounds of force at the drill bit. This requires less physical force for you the operator, which can help minimize fatigue and the chance of an accident.

The new and improved welded zinc foot grips behind the material so there is no need to have your hand anywhere near the drill bit.
Inverted drilling is easier and is done without you having to be under the material where dangerous metal shavings can fall in your eyes. (see video on drilling up)

Overhead drilling often means straining your neck, shoulders and back or getting hot drill slag in your face and eyes. Our Extension Foot is available so you can use the Strong Arm 5 to drill up to 8’ overhead allowing you to stand to the side and away from the falling hot slag without strain on your body thanks to the 5 to 1 power advantage. (see video on overhead drilling)

The newly enhanced cam lock drill clamp gives you solid control over the drill motor. The Strong Arm 5 helps control any drill torque if a bit binds up or when a screw bottoms out if you’re using a nut driver on heavy self-tapping screws. This helps eliminate the potential for painful wrist injury common with normal drill twisting.When the situation requires that you work off of a ladder the zinc foot helps hold the tool to the material while the nonslip grip helps keep your hand from slipping off. No more pushing, slipping, jerking or overreaching thereby minimizing the possibility of a fall from the ladder. (see safety video

Will help reduce your Worker’s Comp claims.

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