The Strong Arm 5 is in use in many different applications. Read the reviews below to see how some of our customers feel. If you already own the Strong Arm 5 please click here to write a review of your experience using the Strong Arm 5.

Thank you so much for the Strong Arm 5. We are installing over 200,000 self-drilling screws into a 3/16″ thick wall steel tube and needed a way to do so quickly and efficiently. The Strong Arm 5 portable drill press made this possible like no other device could. The Strong Arm 5’s ability to generate leverage to install this many screws has increased our speed 4X over installing them without the Strong Arm 5.
Steve Coleman
Yucatan Solar

It worked great, Mike. 30 holes through 3x3x.250 rectangular tube posts, in an awkward location. Thanks! I don’t know that I could have done this without the Strongarm 5. This great tool made the job a breeze.
J Hodges
Arroyo Grande, CA

Strong Arm 5 Drill Press“I really like the 5 to 1 leverage advantage the Strong Arm 5 offers, less pressure and fatique on the operator and more pressure on the drill.”
Tim Thompson
Architectural Glass

Drill Press used in Auto Frame Up

“This is a great tool. You are putting pressure on the tool instead of on your body. When it comes to overhead drilling, you are goiing to get far less debris in your face or down your back because you are now off to the side. This is a really handy tool.”
Overhead Drilling

Drill Press used at Drill Site“The Strong Arm 5 offers a safer alternative to traditional hand held drilling. I would definately use this tool as well as recommend it to others. I was thoroughly impressed by how easy it is to use and how simple the set up is.”
Dave Shrum
Commercial Glass Installer

Drill Press used in Auto Frame Work“The Strong Arm 5 made it simple for me to put the pressure on the drill bit where it is needed most. It took the pressure off my arms and shoulders while drilling into the frame. I can also see how this wool will cut down on how often I’ll change drill bits.”
Aaron Cox
Tire Shop Technician Installation of Air Bag System

Drill Press, 5th wheel trailer install“This incredible tool not only held the drill where it needed to be but also it took no effort at all to drill ANY of the holes in the frame.Which if you’ve ever attempted it’s not easy. I was amazed and happy at how easy it made the job. Thanks for the opportunity to use this new tool.”
Installlation of Fifth Wheel Trailer

Drill Press Fire Protection“Anybody doing overhead drilling into red iron knows how difficult this is. Using the Strong Arm 5 makes it far easier. I would most definately recommend this tool to shop owners, foremen, and to installers.”
Doug Squire
Commercial Glass Foreman

Strong Arm 5 Right Hand Drill PressWe currently use 4 of your Strong Arm 5’s at our greenhouse. These are used on a kind of semi production type system . Our business being seasonal, whenever we have a lull we put 6 people to work drilling holes and installing or replacing casters on our over 50,000 carts that we use to carry plants. Each of these carts has to have 16 precisely aligned holes to support the casters. Our people using the Strong Arm 5 can do this job more precisely and with less fatigue therefore increased production over all other methods we’ve tried. You have a great product. Cheers, Johnny Lee Howie, Metrolina Greenhouses, 16400 Huntersville-Concord Road, Huntersville NC 28078. 704-875-1371, 704-533-0355
Johnny Lee Howie