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Drill Chuck Adapter 3/8″


This adapter accepts bit shafts that are 3/8″ or smaller. Use with all pnuematic drills and most cordless drills.

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SKU: # SA5-A1-3/8

Product Description

Strong Arm 5 fits most electric drills motor that has an anti-torque band. The Strong Arm 5 drill press will mount on drills torque control handle band from 1.64” to 1.73”wide or 41.656mm to 43.942mm wide. If you are using a drill that has a wider band or cordless drill or a pneumatic drill then you will need a Drill Chuck Adapter: The two drill brands with consistent dimension that collate with the Strong Arm 5 drill clamp are;

  • 99% Dewalt corded drill and some Dewalt cordless
  • 95% Ridgid corded drill

We are adding to the list of SDS rotary hammer that we know will mount with the Strong Arm 5, below models has the dimension needed.

  • Dewalt , model # D25023K Rotary Hammer
  • Bosch, model Bulldog Rotary Hammer

Other drill bands or models vary in torque control handle band dimension. Some will fit the dimension; some will not fit with out a drill chuck adapter. See photo in product under drill chuck adapter for illustration.