Portable Drill Press Reviews

When deciding to purchase a new tool such as a portable drill press, we often justify the new tool purchase by asking ourselves:

  • Can the portable drill press be used in multiple applications?
  • Will it save time?
  • Will it make the task easier?
  • Will it feel comfortable and safe to use?
  • How does it compare to other portable drill presses on the market?
  • Is there a product guarantee?

If you are thinking about using the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press, then today I want to answer these questions for you.

Portable Drill Press Used in Multiple Applications

You will need a portable drill press that adapts to your needs. Once you own the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press, you will be amazed at how often you will use it to simplify your jobs. This tough tool is compact, advanced engineered for durability, weighs only 4 lb 3 oz. and is quick to set up. The 5 to 1 leverage advantage (1 pound of pull delivers 5 pounds of force to the drill bit) makes even the simplest of tasks easier and safer. Here are a few examples of my own personal use of the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press:

  • Installing a trailer hitch on my wife’s new car. Inverted drilling into high strength steel with the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press made this task much easier, and I didn’t hurt my wrist or shoulders. Better yet, it made me a hero in my wife’s eyes.
  • Putting together a green house. Over 250 self tapping screws into round metal pipe was a breeze with the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press. This really saved me from a lot of shoulder and wrist pain and most of all frustration.
  • A project for our Church – I drilled over 250 1/8” holes into metal brackets for a stage set up project in just under an hour.
  • Helped a friend put airbags on his pick up – The task at hand was to drill holes in the wheel house opening in the back of his pickup. We didn’t even have to remove the back tires to drill into the high strength steel frame. What could have been a long drawn out afternoon was quickly accomplished with the portable drill press.
  • Wired my garage – Holes needed to be drilled in every stud for the electrical wire. Using the portable drill press. The torque of the drill controlled by the portable drill press saved me time, fatigue on my wrist and made a quick job of this lengthy project.

Saves Time

We all know time is short when a job needs to be done! It is very frustrating when project time is wasted just setting a tool up. This portable drill press features a very quick set-up time whether drilling down, up or sideways. It is easy to modify and fits almost all drill motors.

Makes the Task Easier

  • You can quickly fine tune adjustments by the inch.
  • Keep your drill in place with the quick change cam lock
  • The portable drill press has a 5 to 1 advantage of pull which allows you to maintain constant pressure, allowing your drill bit to go through with ease.

Feels Comfortable and Safer to Use

  • The Strong Arm 5 Portable drill presses are lightweight with a 5 to 1 pull advantage reducing fatigue and risk of injury during drilling process.
  • The portable drill press easily allows the user to adjust the drill to fit both right and left-handed users.
  • You the operator have the ability to control the dangerous drill backlash. You have 18 inches of leverage clamped onto that drill to control the torque/backlash. Plus you have the 5 to 1 leverage power. It’s like driving a car with power steering!

Compared to Other Portable Drill Presses

I have compared the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press to other portable drill presses on the market. Here are the main differences that I have seen. Primarily the Strong Arm 5 is the most versatile, superior portable drill press on the market at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • The competition’s drill press has two Philips screws that need a Philips screwdriver to change position.
    • The Strong Arm 5 changes position with a simple cam lock requiring no additional tools after the initial set-up.
  • The competition’s motor clamp design does fit different size drill motors however, it is still somewhat limited.. The shim is a plastic insert which doesn’t grip the drill motor tightly.  Users that have switched to using the Strong Arm 5 inform me that the drill motor with the plastic insert will slip out under pressure.
    • The new Strong arm 5 standard and heavy duty portable drill press models now have an exclusive design drill motor clamp. This unique clamp allows you to use your existing electric drill motors which have an anti-torque band. It will mount on drill’s torque control handle band ranging from 1 1/2” to 2 1/4” wide or 38.1000 mm to 57.1500 mm wide allowing you to use your own drill. 95% of drill motors have these dimensions. This is great news for you, but why did we develop this unique clamp?  We listened to our customers needs while providing an affordable solution. The Strong Arm 5 portable drill press always uses a quick release cam on its clamp. This allows drill motor position setting to fit your needs.
    • Our portable drill press clamp is made out of 6061 half inch Aluminum that grips and secures the drill motor. The exceptional clamp design is attached to the Strong Arm 5 body with one tightening knob. The drill clamp is about 5 inches long and can be uses as anti-torque handle by loosening the knob and removing it from the drill press body. With the wider range of drill motors a lot of hammer drills for concrete drilling will now fit. Deciding or needing to justify a new tool for drilling steel, stainless steel, aluminum or concrete has never been easier.

Portable Drill Press, Adjustable Clamp

Product Reviews

“Now I have an advantage in commercial glass glazing, the Strong Arm 5 with the Extension Foot cuts my labor cost. Your tool has increased my production by a least 2/3 times faster and my employees are less fatigued the next day. Now I win my bids and still have a good profit thanks to the advantages of the Strong Arm 5 used with the Extension Foot attachment.”

“The self tapping screws were the most difficult portion of the construction process, and the only way I could get the screws to fasten properly was with a pre-drilled hole. It was a time consuming process. I had the opportunity after completion to try the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press, and found it easy to use, and would have more than likely saved me a lot of time, and the stress on my hands from using the strength required to tap each screw. The Strong Arm 5 uses a standard drill, and achieves pressure on the screw with a lever system which allows alignment, drilling, and setting in a matter of seconds. I was amazed, and wished I would have had the tool available to me for my assembly of the greenhouse”. Bob Griswold

Below you can view a Professional’s Review of the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press discussing overhead and inverted drilling including metal and concrete. Brad Staggs review covers the 5:1 leverage advantage, height adjustment, and extension accessory. He described this as a “great product”.

Accessories Adapt to Your Project Needs

For the few drills that the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press, we offer a Drill Chuck Adapter so that you can reap the benefits of this powerful tool! In addition you we offer awesome accessories to adapt to your project needs.

Strong on Your Satisfaction or Your Money Back

Using the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press ensures less effort, faster holes, and safer use! We guarantee it or your money back!

Justifying a new tool purchase for drilling steel, stainless steel, aluminum or concrete has never been easier.