Discover the Secrets of a Inverted / Overhead Drill Press

Portable Drill Press, Overhead Drill Press

Strong Arm 5 HD Portable Drill Press with Extension Foot

Two customers in two different industries both needing an advantage for strenuous, frustrating and time consuming inverted or overhead drilling discovered the secret of overhead drilling with the Strong Arm 5 Portable Overhead Drill Press. Both customers found an affordable and effective way to drill overhead with less effort discovering the secrets of overhead drilling / inverted drilling using the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press.

As an inventor one of the best compliments I can receive is a reorder. A reorder confirms the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press is delivering and providing an efficient and affordable solution. Just to confirm my belief, I asked a few recent customers who have reordered Strong Arm 5 portable drill presses to share their experiences using this product in their overhead drilling applications.

Commercial Glass Glazing with Strong Arm 5 Overhead Portable Drill Press

When this customer called ordering his fourth Strong Arm 5 portable drill press and Extension Foot. I immediately thanked him and asked what industry he worked in and why he liked our portable drill press enough to want to purchase another. His answer was simple and sweet.

“Now I have an advantage in commercial glass glazing, the Strong Arm 5 with the Extension Foot cuts my labor cost. Your tool has increased my production by a least 2/3 times faster and my employees are less fatigued the next day. Now I win my bids and still have a good profit thanks to the advantages of the Strong Arm 5 used with the Extension Foot attachment.” 

What are the advantages he is talking about? Strong Arm 5 portable overhead drill press is simple to use and you get a very efficient tool for only 9 ½ pounds. With 1 to 5 leverage, for every pound of pull the tool converts to five pounds of force at the bit. The drill motor clamp locks to the portable drill press, now it helps to control the painful and dangerous back lash. Also this tool’s is designed so the operator will get less hot drill slag in eyes, face and neck. The Extension Foot attachment sold separately adjusts from 4 feet in 6 inch increments to 8 feet high. The Extension Foot converts the Strong Arm 5 portable press to an inverted or overhead drill press situations. The Strong Arm 5 itself has ten adjustment holes every inch apart. With the combined adjustment features you will be able to find tune your drilling height to your specific application.

Drilling Overhead in Stainless Steel

When Bill called from Long Beach Transportation ordering his second set of tools, I also asked him what his drilling application was. Long Beach Transportation was drilling overhead in stainless steel. Stainless steel drilling can be a disaster if you don’t have enough pressure at the drill bit. The drill bit heats up stainless steel and changes the temper of the stainless steel into kryptonite, OK maybe not kryptonite but very hard. With the 1 to 5 leverage of the portable drill press using the correct pressure is much easier. Bill liked how quick the setup time is, how mobile it is, and how it help speed up the production of the operator. It is light weight, easy to move from hole to hole, and affordable.

Remember magnetic drills will not work on stainless steel. For only $249.95 Strong Arm 5 HD and $89.95 Extension Foot you will have a great tool for over head /inverted drilling. For more information contact us and see why you may be the next repeat customer.