Self tapping screw Can be hard without the right tool or Easy with the right leverage. Take a minute to view the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press in action making drilling self tapping screws into round pipe a whole lot easier!

Self Tapping Screws Woes

My wife and I have long dreamed of fresh red, vine ripened tomatoes and vegetables. BUT we live in a climate that frost until late May or early June. So we ordered a green house. A month later it was delivered and just like Christmas we opened it up and found that it needed to be assembled. Now we expected that some assembly would be required. However, as soon as we opened the crate we found staring us in our face a big boogie monster bag of self tapping screws. There were a lot of self tapping screws (about 250 or more) that needed to be drilled into round steel pipe. Instead of thinking that tomatoes and vegetables can’t cost that much and giving up I said to my wife that the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press has thousands of drilling applications. I bet her we could add one more to the 5 to 1 drilling leverage advantage of the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press. We could conquer the demanding and time consuming task of drilling these self tapping screws into round metal pipes.

Self Tapping Screws, Round Pipe

Portable Drill Press offers great leverage

I hate to say that I was right so l will let Bob Griswold say it, he also purchase and assembled a new green house, and I quote Bob “The self tapping screws were the most difficult portion of the construction process, and the only way I could get the screws to fasten properly was with a pre-drilled hole. It was a time consuming process. I had the opportunity after completion to try the Strongarm5 portable drill press, and found it easy to use, and would have more than likely saved me a lot of time, and the stress on my hands from using the strength required to tap each screw. The Strongarm5 uses a standard drill, and achieves pressure on the screw with a lever system which allows alignment, drilling, and setting in a matter of seconds. I was amazed, and wished I would have had the tool available to me for my assembly of the greenhouse”. Bob Griswold

Drilling Screws, Greenhouses

Relieve Body Stress and Pain

Out of 250 self tapping screws, 230 were installed with the assistance of the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press. 5 to 1 portable drill press leverage is not only easier, it is five times easier taking stress off my hands, shoulder and body. Bob Griswold and I agreed that the time it required to drill each self tapping screw was cut to a third. I know this for a fact because the 20 self tapping screws that I could not use the Strong Arm 5 Portable drill press took forever. Why do we hold our/my breath while we apply pressure when drilling screws into metal? Thank God my wife didn’t find me passed out.

I have explained a lot of advantages. But there are even more. Generally we can accomplish drilling screws at lower levels. We just press a wrist against our leg and hold our breath while pushing until we are blue in the face. The screw goes in eventually.

Drilling screws into metal at shoulder height often times require us to use our full body weight and seemingly every muscle we have. I don’t know about you, but when I am drilling into metal at shoulder height it seems endless. I grab the object with one hand, with the drill in the opposite hand and then I begin drilling at shoulder height with full body weight engaged. Pushing, pushing, pushing…seems like enough time goes by to read War and Peace…and still pushing.
Well that’s all good but how about the self tapping screws that need to be drilled above your shoulder. Now we all turn into a 12 year old weighing about a hundred pounds with no muscle. With the five to one mechanical advantage you don’t need to be a strong.

Portable Drill Press, Self Tapping Screws

Save Time and Energy

That being said the overhead purlins were about 2 1/2 feet apart on each side of the peak at about 8 feet high. I would have had to move the ladder after each time I needed to drill two screws into the purlins and clamps, but the strong arm 5 portable drill press allowed me to do both side from the center only moving the ladder once. Not only did that save me time, I only had to go up about 3 feet on the ladder. I felt safer too.
Having the right tool proved to be as good as eating fresh red vine ripened tomatoes. I bet you will enjoy the mechanical advantage of leverage that the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press has to offer on your next project. Check out more benefits to the Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press.