The purchase of a brand new car leads to this video on inverted drilling and how to drill high strength steel faster, safer, easier and minimize injury!

High Strength Steel, Overhead DrillingNew Car Needs a Trailer Hitch

Yes thanks to my wife, I have another awesome demonstration on the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press used with the Extension Foot for inverted drilling. We bought a new car and my wife thought we should have a trailer hitch. After exercising my fingers intensely on the internet, I found a great deal for only $105.00 delivered to my door. As a very good husband, OK Great husband I research You Tube (that took more fingers exercise) on how to install the trailer hitch.

How to Install a Trailer Hitch on You Tube

I was thrilled to find the right year, make and model on You tube. I sit back in my office chair, click play and it scares the poop out of me. Here I watch young men half my age getting their wrists bounced and twisted, their faces directly under what they are drilling, with hot drill slag showering all over him. Gritted teeth, showing off their big bulgy muscles. Remember I’m over twice their age, even if I was that young, nobody needs to abuse or injure their body in that way.

Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press Does it Better

With the Strong Arm 5 HD portable drill press I don’t need to be young or strong. I only need one fifth of the energy those young men on that You Tube video. The leverage advantage of this portable drill press is 5 to 1. So for 1 pound of pull delivers 5 pounds of force to the drill bit.

This is great news because the new “high strength steel” in cars today is very hard. My first two holes in the car frame were existing holes that needed to be bored out to one inch holes. And yes my bit did grab, but I and my wrist were safe from the dangerous drill back lash (back torque).

The Strong Arm 5 portable drill press models clamp to the drill motor with an 18 inches handle. This 18 inches controls the torque with ease. And I avoided the hot slag showering because of this 18 inches distance from the hole being drilled unlike the men on the You Tube video with their wrist bouncing and twisting.

Extension Foot Makes Overhead Drilling Easy

As I mentioned earlier the Extension Foot, this attachment allows the Strong Arm 5 and HD Portable drill press models to drill overhead. The portable drill press extension foot expands from 4 to 8 feet high 6” inch adjustable increments. So I easily drill two more half inch inverted holes in the same manner.

To do this, I place the Extension Foot on the shop floor, align the drill bit, and simply pull the portable drill press handle.

Drill High Strength Steel Without Shoulder or Wrist Injury

To get a drill bit to go through, you need a constant pressure, without that pressure the bit spins and it gets hot and makes the metal harder, burning your bit up. It takes about 200 pounds of pressure for a half inch hole, with the strong arm 5 it only took about 30 to 40 pounds of pull. (5 to 1 advantage of pull) without shoulder or wrist injury and no hot drill slag in my face.

The Strong Arm 5 made the job faster, safer, easier. I would have liked to use the Strong Arm 5 when I was young man, however, I would have less war stories on how I hurt my wrists and shoulder over the years.

My wife, a massage therapist is so happy with this portable drill press, because she has more time to massage paying customers. The only down side to this portable drill press is that I get less sympathy massages from my wife due to injury from inverted drilling!

Hopefully, since she now has her trailer hitch installed perfectly, maybe I will get a HERO massage!

Be safer and faster, use the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press and accessories to make all your inverted drilling efforts productive with less chance of injury!

More Power to You!