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The Strong Arm 5 Offers Improved Drilling Ability

The Strong Arm 5 is a portable drilling leverage device for use with any hand held drill.

  • feature-1Powerful 5 to 1 leverage advantage
  • Quickly adjusts to fit almost any drilling situation
  • Extreme versatility allows for use in almost any application
  • Safer than conventional hand held drilling especially in overhead
  • Faster than standard hand held drilling
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lightweight at just under 3.5 pounds

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Portable Drill Press, Strong Arm 5 HD

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Portable Drill Press. Strong Arm 5 Standard

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The Strong Arm 5 Offers Improved Drilling Ability

feature-2A convenient drilling solution: The Strong Arm 5 is fully adjustable to fit most drilling needs. Because it utilizes quick pins at the fulcrum and the foot attachment, adjustment is fast and convenient. Set up time is virtually zero.

The Strong Arm 5 can be adjusted to drill up or down by quickly reversing the track bar – no need for dangerous hot drill slag to get in your face and eyes. You don’t even need to get under the job, let the Strong Arm 5 do the work.

The Strong Arm 5 easily attaches to all drills with a chuck size of 3/8″ or larger.

› See this video demonstration of the Strong Arm 5’s advantages

The Strong Arm 5 is a Powerful Drilling Solution

The Strong Arm 5 is advanced engineered for durability, convenience, safety, and versatility. Aluminum construction makes it sturdy and lightweight. Because it is powerful and convenient, the Strong Arm 5 equals more drills in less time. All this adds up to less operator fatigue and less risk of injury.

Its combination of power, lightweight, and convenience allows the operator to make easy work out of otherwise tough drilling situations.

As seen in this picture, there is no way this guy would have been able to get enough push on the bit to make the drill. Instead, he took advantage of the Strong Arm 5’s amazing leverage advantage and had no trouble making this drill.

› Check out the pressure achieved at the bit with the Strong Arm 5

The Strong Arm 5 Offers Increased Safety

Drilling while on a ladder is dangerous work. With conventional hand held drilling, the push of the operator is doing all the work. The stronger the operator pushes on the drill, the stronger the push off the ladder. The Strong Arm 5 utilizes a pulling motion instead of the conventional pushing. Combine that with the 5:1 leverage advantage and you have a safer option for drilling on a ladder.

feature-3With conventional hand held drilling methods, there is always the danger of the operator placing a hand behind the drilling material in order to steady or pull the drill. This is not a problem with the Strong Arm 5 as one hand is on the drill and the other is on the comfortable grip of the leverage arm.

The Strong Arm 5’s design also increases control over torque. The leverage arm offers three times the torque control over standard hand held drills alone. Considering all these safety features, use of the Strong Arm 5 means more control, less operator fatigue, less chance of injury, reduced likelihood for carpal tunnel syndrome, and reduced worker’s compensation claims.

› Check out our safer drilling video

Let the Strong Arm 5 work for you!