Discover how to make overhead or inverted drilling easier, safer and more profitable. The most efficient way for drilling holes in overhead or inverted drilling situations is by using the Strong Arm 5 portable drill press with Extension Foot for stability.

The Portable Drill Press for Efficient Overhead Drilling

Portable Drill Press, Overhead Drilling

Strong Arm 5 Portable Drill Press with Extension Foot

Overhead Drilling Injuries
A common overhead drilling scenario has the operator standing directly under the material pushing up into, wood, concrete or metal. In a very short amount of time the operator experiences fatigue, slowing down productivity. This strenuous job often leads to neck, shoulder, elbow, and back injuries often resulting in long term pain.

Using a Mag Drill for Overhead Drilling
In our effort to develop tools for overhead drilling, we did consider the use of a Mag drill in various overhead drilling situations. While a Mag drill is ideal for drilling precise holes and it is possible to use a Mag drill if when have thick enough and flat enough steel. However, the cons to using the Mag drill for overhead drilling is that the Mag drill is heavy, expensive, and takes a lot of time to set up, most often a two person set up. If you forget the safety strap and turn off the drill it could hit you or fall on the ground, a costly mistake.

An Affordable Solution for Overhead Drilling
The Strong Arm 5 HD Portable Drill Press used with the Extension Foot is an affordable solution. It is light weight and controllable. This is an ideal solution when working alone as it does not need a 2 person setup. The Strong Arm 5 HD is simple but very effective for overhead drilling. Strong Arm 5 portable drill press offers an impressive 5 to 1 mechanical leverage advantage. For every one pound of pull it will give you 5 pounds of force at the bit, this will speed up drilling process usually by 2/3 faster. The Strong Arm 5 HD attaches to the Extensions foot, converting to an awesome and easy overhead or inverted affordable drilling solution. Once the lightweight Extension Foot is attached to the Strong Arm 5 HD portable drill press the Extension Foot adjusts from 4 feet high, with adjustment every 6 inches up to 8 feet high. The Extension Foot base is a swivel pad that gives you lots of control. You now can push on the same scaffolding or lift that you’re standing on. How convenient and easy.

A Safer Solution to Overhead Drilling
You’re not standing directly under the material you’re drilling on. You’re standing off to the side where almost all that hot drill slag is missing your face and arms. Because of the 5 to 1 mechanical leverage advantage there are less fatigue and shoulder injuries plus the combined weight of a Strong arm 5 HD and Extension Foot is less than 10 pounds. It will save you money; you can use standard bits at a fraction of the cost of those mag drill bits. With the 5 to 1 mechanical leverage advantage your drill bits won’t slip and get hot destroying them; not wasting drill bits will cause you to save money just on drill bits alone.

How many man hours are you wasting, not to mention the injuries, fatigue, and money wasted on drill bits on overhead drilling? We offer a cost effective solution at only $339.90 for both tools.

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