Cut Labor Costs with GloTech Inc.’s Newest Innovation

Meridian, Idaho, GloTech Inc. has created a product that will save time and money for professional contractors or home repair advocates. Through advanced engineering, excellent quality and increased safety, the newest upgrade of the Strong Arm 5 is an innovative product that will change the way people use drill presses. The Strong Arm 5 is a powerful yet portable hand-held drill press, which aims to cut labor costs and improve efficiency with its improved drilling capacity. It is a product that is durable and completely mobile. This affordable product is manufactured and available in the North America and can be shipped around the world. Increase your production, save time and money by ordering today at
Here are some facts about the Strong Arm 5: Its leverage is a 5 to 1 system which means, that for every pound of pull the operator exerts on the handle, 5 pounds of force is placed at the drill bit – this means faster drilling with less effort. This amazing tool has been constructed with quality lightweight 60 61T aluminum–just 3 lb.4 oz.–making it more convenient while remaining durable and safer.
The Strong Arm 5 is designed to hold any hand-held drill motor. It is easy to use and requires no substantial set-up time. Its power and portability make it a positive choice reaches the top of the charts when compared with competitors that are cheaply made or cumbersome and heavy magnetic drill presses. The Strong Arm 5 is easily adapted for both right or left hand use.
The second generation Strong Arm 5 improvements lessen muscle exertion because of its lightweight design making it easier to manage as well as creating a drill press that has incredible durability. By replacing the original aluminum leverage fork of the Strong Arm 5 with a stainless steel fork GloTech Inc. has produced a device that can last up to three times longer than the original design while creating a professional appearance. The flat bar has been upgraded to a ¾” square zinc steel tube for stability surpassing any probable drill press on the market. The now stronger welded foot replaced a bolted foot for greater grip. The paramount, gray body of the Strong Arm 5 has been coated with a black, hard anodized aluminum to give it a robust look and the ½” width body has been replaced with 1” thickness to ensure the strength of the body matches the beefy appearance. For a more detailed demonstration and information about what the Strong Arm 5 can do go to
The way that the Strong Arm 5 works is by clamping the drill into the drill creating one unit that controls the drill’s backlash. When the handle of the drill press is pulled the leverage multiplies the operator’s efforts by five. Simultaneously, the standard foot attachment of the Strong Arm 5 grabs the back of the material being drilled and pulls the drill toward the drilling surface to ensure a cleaner cut. Being the most versatile drill press on the market the Strong Arm 5 can also work in the reverse position so that the leverage of the tool pushes off of an opposing surface using this reverse pressure to drill into the desired drilling surface. This is perfect for drilling under a surface that is difficult to reach; this reduces shoulder injuries, and eliminates most hot drill slag from falling in the face and eyes.
Additional Products from GloTech Inc.:
GloTech Inc. also sells the adjustable Extension Foot attachment for the Strong Arm 5. This enables overhead drilling overhead with power and convenience on drilling surfaces that are 4 to 8 feet away, such as ceilings, the undersides of steal beams and car frames.
Glo Tech Inc. also offers the “New” heavy-duty industrial model, the Strong Arm 5HD. It has been designed specifically to take heavy abuse. One of the distinctions of the heavy-duty model is that it weighs 4 lbs. 6 oz. providing more durability. It has all of the newest improvements of the Strong Arm 5, but grips the material better allowing increased drilling